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Flat Bottom Pouch That Stands Tough

The square bottom pouches produced in our flexible packaging factory are stable and strong with a box type bottom that can fill and contain products of more weight and types.

And flat bottom bags even combine the benefits of gusseted bags and stand-up pouches by standing toughly as boxes but sitting compactly to save shelf space.

Serving Fields

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    Food Packaging

    Snacks, sweets, cookies, nuts, roasted coffee, tea leaves, milk powder, etc.

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    Agricultural Packaging

    Vegetables, fruits, grain, seeds, and more agricultural goods.

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    Chemical Packaging

    Laundry detergent, industrial detergent, cosmetics, and more.

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    Pet Food Packaging

    Food, snacks, treats, care products for dogs, cats, and more pets.

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    Consumer Packaging

    Any consumption commodities on shelves like personal care products.

Benefits beyond Expectation

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  • Ultra-large Capacity

    That broad bottom together with the wide open top and gusseted sides will enhance filling capacity significantly.
  • Greater Shelf Attraction

    The extensive design printing panels, upright and tall standing features are going to instantly catch eyes.
  • Outstanding Flexibility

    It is recognized for the high adaptability of packaging all kinds of stuff including heavy and square goods effectively.

Discover Custom Possibilites

  • Material

    Clear Polymer

    Metallized Films

    Foil Layers

    Kraft Paper

    More on Demand

  • Size & Volume

    Made-to-order Dimension

    Customizable Capacity

  • Thickness

    Customized Thickness for Inner Layers

  • Pouch Style

    Standard Pouch

    Shaped Pouch

    Quad Seal

    Fin Seal or T Seal

  • Resealable Closure

    Press-to-close Zipper

    Slider (End Clip)

    Hooked Closure

    Tin Tie

    Spout and Cap

  • More Features

    Tear Notch


    Hang Hole

    Shaped Corner



    Laser Scoring

  • Graphics Printing

    Max 10 HD Colors

    Gloss Finish

    Matte Finish

    Partial Matte Finish

    Bespoke Finish

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