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Side Gusseted Pouch That Inspires Purchase

We at Pursue always endeavours to make brand customized gusseted bags of stably superior quality, with the only aim to promote your product sales and expand your brand reputation and influence.

The gusseted pouch or quad seal bag with distinctive trendy package design is beneficial in promoting consumer behaviors.

Serving Fields

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    Food Packaging

    Snacks, sweets, cookies, nuts, roasted coffee, tea leaves, milk powder, etc.

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    Agricultural Packaging

    Vegetables, fruits, grain, seeds, and more agricultural goods.

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    Chemical Packaging

    Laundry detergent, industrial detergent, cosmetics, and more.

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    Pet Food Packaging

    Food, snacks, treats, care products for dogs, cats, and more pets.

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    Consumer Packaging

    Any consumption commodities on shelves like personal care products.

Benefits beyond Expectation

Get a free custom quote to tailor make your flexible packaging project and seize your benefits at once!

  • Accommodating Filling

    Gusseted folds make it adaptive to fill and contain different contents of large or small amounts flexibly.
  • Appealing Billboard

    Fascinating color and pattern design on the large area will serve as a free poster of your brand show.
  • Popular to Coffee

    Regularly a preferred option for coffee or tea flexible packaging for stylish and decent product display.

Discover Custom Possibilites

  • Material

    Clear Polymer

    Metallized Films

    Foil Layers

    Kraft Paper

    More on Demand

  • Size & Volume

    Made-to-order Dimension

    Customizable Capacity

  • Thickness

    Customized Thickness for Inner Layers

  • Pouch Style

    Side Gusseted

    Quad Seal Gusseted

    Fin Seal or T Seal

  • Bottom Seal

    K Seal

    Flat Seal

    Gusseted Seal

    Concealed Seal

    Custom Seal

  • Resealable Closure

    Press-to-close Zipper

    Slider (End Clip)

    Hooked Closure

    Tin Tie

    Spout and Cap

  • More Features

    Tear Notch


    Hang Hole

    Shaped Corner



    Laser Scoring

  • Graphics Printing

    Max 10 HD Colors

    Gloss Finish

    Matte Finish

    Partial Matte Finish

    Bespoke Finish

Custom Solution to Achieve Your Flexible Packaging Cost-effectively!

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