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Ready Pouches That Accelerate Speed-to-Market

Mainly used for the packaging of coffee bean, coffee powder, and more coffee products, our stock bags are meant for increasing the flexibility to meet urgent needs of product launch. Besides, for those orders of smaller quantities or with fewer custom needs, stock pouches will be a fine and cost-effective choice.

Serving Fields

  • coffee packing

    Coffee Packaging

    Coffee bean, ground coffee powder, and more coffee-related products.

  • p02 1 s03 pic1

    Food Packaging

    Snacks, sweets, cookies, nuts, roasted coffee, tea leaves, milk powder, etc.

  • P02 1 S03 pic4

    Pet Food Packaging

    Food, snacks, treats, care products for dogs, cats, and more pets.

Benefits beyond Expectation

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  • High Standardization

    Common versions of coffee bags standardize your coffee packaging and simplify the order process.
  • Low Volume Friendly

    Extremely convenient and cost-efficient for those clients asking for lower-sized orders but still with quality requests.
  • Faster Delivery

    All stock bags are ready in our warehouse for your quick options any time, expediting the project schedule.

Discover Custom Possibilites

  • Material

    Aluminum Foil


  • Size & Volume

    1/4 pound, 1/2 pound, 1 pound, 2 pounds.

  • Thickness

    Most suitable thickness recommendation provided catered to different pouch capacity.

  • Pouch Style

    3-Side Seal Pouch

    Stand Up Pouch

    Quad Seal Pouch

    Flat Bottom Pouch

Custom Solution to Achieve Your Flexible Packaging Cost-effectively!

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