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Roll Stock Film That Differentiates Brands

The flexible packaging roll films we manufacture are project-conscious and completely tailored to your particular brand. With the ready branded lamination design, you can automatically and rapidly seal your own flexible packaging by your form fill seal equipment.

Serving Fields

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    Food Packaging

    Snacks, sweets, cookies, nuts, roasted coffee, tea leaves, milk powder, etc.

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    Stick Packaging

    A wide array of small-dose or single-served products and trial samples.

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    Chemical Packaging

    Laundry detergent, industrial detergent, cosmetics, and more.

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    Pet Food Packaging

    Food, snacks, treats, care products for dogs, cats, and more pets.

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    Consumer Packaging

    Any consumption commodities on shelves like personal care products.

Benefits beyond Expectation

Get a free custom quote to tailor make your flexible packaging project and seize your benefits at once!

  • Maximized Customization

    A full rolling film with your branded design with which you can make any shapes and formats by your machines.
  • Lower Marginal Cost

    For flexible packaging of scale, roll film plays an important part in saving more cost each bag in the long term.
  • Easy Form Fill Seal

    High-end plastic rolls with stable lamination and seamless layers allow for efficient form fill seal process.

Discover Custom Possibilites

  • Material

    Clear Polymer

    Metallized Films

    Foil Layers

    More on Demand

  • Size & Volume

    Made-to-order Dimensions and Specifications

  • Thickness

    Customized Thickness for Inner Layers

  • Film Options

    Single Layer Film

    Laminated Film

    Shrink Wrap Film

  • Lamination Type

    Barrier Film Lamination

    Pouch Film Lamination

    Stick Pack Film Lamination

  • More Features

    Tear Notch


    Laser Scoring

  • Graphics Printing

    Max 10 HD Colors

    Gloss Finish

    Matte Finish

    Partial Matte Finish

    Bespoke Finish

Custom Solution to Achieve Your Flexible Packaging Cost-effectively!

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