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Liquid Spout Bag That Simplifies Marketing

Flexible spout pouch is getting more and more shelf-favorable for consumers because of its aesthetic appearance, convenient dose control, ease of use, and hygienic individual design.

Pursue strives to manufacture high-end spout bags customized to your brand that can enhance consumer experience and get undeniably attractive to market.

Serving Fields

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    Fluid Food Packaging

    Juice, milk, jelly, jam, paste, all kinds of beverage, liquid, and viscous liquid.

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    Wet Pet Food Packaging

    Wet liquid food, snacks, treats for dogs, cats, and more pets.

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    Liquid Consumer Packaging

    Fluid consumption commodities on shelves like shampoo replacement.

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    Liquid Chemical Packaging

    Laundry detergent, industrial cleaners, liquid cosmetics, and more.

Benefits beyond Expectation

Get a free custom quote to tailor make your flexible packaging project and seize your benefits at once!

  • Simple Operation

    With highly flexible package and convenient spout features, it's easy to squeeze for fluid extrusion or feeding.
  • Shelf Impact

    Available in a number of styles, sizes, graphics, and spout approaches, spout pouch arouses great shelf attention.
  • Favorable to Liquid

    Especially friendly to package liquid products like edible juices and purees, or chemical cleaners and fuels.

Discover Custom Possibilites

  • Material

    Clear Polymer

    Metallized Films

    Foil Layers

    More on Demand

  • Size & Volume

    Made-to-order Capacity

    Customizable Milliliter

  • Thickness

    Customized Thickness for Inner Layers

  • Pouch Style

    Standard Pouch

    Shaped Pouch

    3-Side Seal

    Quad Seal

    Fin Seal or T Seal

  • Closure Options

    Corner Spout

    Top Spout

    Screw Cap

    Flip Cap

    Custom Closure

  • More Features

    Built-in Straw


    Shaped Corner

    Laser Scoring

  • Graphics Printing

    Max 10 HD Colors

    Gloss Finish

    Matte Finish

    Partial Matte Finish

    Bespoke Finish

Custom Solution to Achieve Your Flexible Packaging Cost-effectively!

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