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manufactury profile of Pursue company

Manufactory Profile

As a responsible and reliable flexible packaging factory, Pursue is upholding the highest 6S manufacturing standards throughout each production process stringently. 6S refers to "Sort", "Set in order", "Shine", "Standardize", "Sustain" and "Safety". And we keep them well implemented and maintained all the way.

Headquartered in China, we have a scaled in-house plant that covers 30,000 square meters fully equipped with cutting-edge equipment, complete customization capabilities, and sustainable development strategy, ready to welcome and serve our global partners.


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Leading-Edge Manufacturing Center

rotogravure and flexographic presses in flexible packaging factory

Rotogravure and Flexographic Presses

Advanced gravure and letterpress machines with a full capacity of up to 10 colors that can perfectly fit your printing needs. Especially the rotogravure presses are going to create fine graphics, brighter and truer colors to achieve your design.
dry lamination machines in flexible packaging factory

Dry Lamination Machines

Dry or solvent-free high-speed laminators with the complete capability to get multiple layers laminated flatly, seamlessly, and firmly. Our mature technology of dry adhesive and adhesive-free laminating is solving every individual client's specific needs and company's particular customization demands.
curing machines in flexible packaging factory

Curing Machines

High-performance curing equipment effectively dry the glue or solvent with assurance of no residue. During this process, our professional engineers will critically and strictly monitor the curing time of the laminated layers, for the reason that diverse material structures ask for different curing time.
pouch machines in flexible packaging factory

Pouch Machines

Slitting various plastic, kraft, aluminum foil poly pouches 100% in compliance with your unique specification requirements. With our specialized bag making equipment, we are able to manufacture a wide array of bags including stand-up pouches, block bottom bags, gusseted bags, spout pouches, or any custom-made pouches tailored to your special flexible packaging needs.

First-Class Office Facilities

  • marketing office of Pursue company

    Professional Marketing Office

    We study and learn your needs thoroughly here so as to serve your company more professionally.
  • business office of Pursue company

    Dedicated Business Division

    Our devoted team is committed to enhance and diversify our business to meet more of your needs.
  • lounge area of Pursue company

    Elegant Lounge Area

    A relax area designed for our employees to recharge their minds for more passionate work.

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