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Flexible Bags for Different Coffee Forms

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    Roasted Coffee Beans
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    Ground Coffee Powder
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    Instant Coffee
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Advantages of Flexible Coffee Packaging

  • Branded Eye-catching Look

    Premium appearance design with bright colors and lively graphics give more depth of your brand image and lead to better product association. With your custom-made flexible coffee bags, draw customer's attention instantly!

  • Excellent Preservation

    The material and structure of flexible packaging bags and pouches are featuring higher moisture and oxygen resistance, so that they can extend shelf life and quality of your coffee for longer sales and more profits.

  • ECO-friendly Coffee Bags

    Sustainability becomes one of consumer's consideration in making purchase decision. Flexible coffee bags we manufacture are saving more materials, energy, transportation and storage resources in comparison.

Coffee Packaging Solutions

  • Single-Way Valve for Gas Venting.
  • Slider Zipper, Tin Tie, or Other Closure Available.
  • Strong Smell, Moisture, and Oxygen Barrier.
  • Roll Stock for Single-Dose Coffee Stick Pack.

Coffee Packaging Recommendation

We produce flexible packaging products to meet your coffee packaging bag requirements.

Custom Solution to Achieve Your Flexible Packaging Cost-effectively!

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