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Quality Compliance

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    British Retail Consortium Approved

    Eligible materials for safe food packaging, accessible to UK relevant markets.

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    US Food and Drug Administration Approved

    Safe packaging for food and drug contact, friendly for US related markets.

Quality Commitment

Superior quality remains our goal and pride at the same time. To support all custom flexible packaging projects of wholesalers and brand owners, we are proud to provide our products of reliable quality and effective properties that we assured of your satisfactory.

Besides, we welcome and support any 3rd party inspection for your particular factory and product assessment.

quality manager showing flexible packgaing products confidently
  • Extremely Firm Layer

    Mature laminating and curing technology make bags with tightly bonded layers. No delamination.

  • High Zipper Fastness

    High packaging security assured by excellent fastness of closure zippers. No bubbles or air leaks.

  • Tight Heat Seal

    Solid heat seal benefits both the design and functionality of flexible pouches. No easy breakage.

  • Minimum Color Difference

    Precise and rigid color difference and accurate color registration control. No cross graphics deviation.

  • Aesthetic Bag Appearance

    Pretty pouch appearance with a perfect sleek shape, and clean neat trimming line. No burr or flash.

  • Stable High Quality

    High quality reliability is our ultimate business to assure your stable supply. Barely any defect products.

flexible packaging testing equipment

Stable Quality Comes from Meticulous QC Procedures.

  • 1. Raw Material Inspection

    All incoming materials will go through strict evaluation before next process.

  • 2. Retort Test

    Steaming or boiling to assure high-temperature resistance and food safety.

  • 3. Tensile Strength Test

    Also known as peel or seal strength test to check consistency within the seals.

  • 4. Drop Test

    To evaluate whether the packaging can survive drops when it's filled.

  • 5. Water Vapor Transmission Test

    To analyze the WVTR of high barrier materials like Aluminum foil.

  • 6. Oxygen Transmission Rate Test

    Another way to determine the OTR of flexible barrier materials like foil film.

  • 7. Residual Solvent Test

    To ensure no adhesives or printing inks residue will leach into the contents.

  • 8. Finished Product Test

    Almost the final test of the strength of materials and seals before delivery.

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