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Volume Needs Confirmation

Whatever your order sizes are, we concentrate on finding a flexible approach to minimize your costs and enhance your benefits.

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    For Smaller Quantity Order

    Flexible pouches in-stock ready for fast delivery are recommended for low order volume.

    Labels imprinted with your product information can be stuck on the stock flexible bags as an efficient packaging solution.

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    For Bigger Volume Order

    Custom flexbile packaging is the appropriate way to promote your bulk project. All are bespoke for your brand.

    Customization upon specifications or sample customization are both accessible to create your billboard packaging.

Personalized Project Design

A project-friendly solution strategized with a blend of flexibility and versatility is tailor-made exclusively for you.

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    Product Feature Validation

    First and foremost, we need to conform what products you are going to fill in the pouches. Because the product features will tremendously influence the combination of materials, layers, and fitting accessories.

    For instance, roasted coffee beans will emit gas and smell, so one-way valve, aluminum foil layer, tin tile, slider zipper are in need to achieve gas exhausting, smell barrier, and resealing purpose.

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    Combination Proposal

    Secondly and significantly, in accordance with your product characteristics and project requirements, our team will propose a corresponding integrated solution of the suitable material, size, thickness, and craftsmanship.

    For materials, we have a variety of choices including PA, PET, OPP, VMPET, aluminum foil, CPP, PE, and kraft for specific needs. Size, thickness, and fitment are customizable based on your request.

  • artwork & print fulfilment

    Artwork & Print Fulfilment

    Lastly but crucially, the artwork of graphics and patterns on your flexible pouches is the front to present your products appealingly. Obtaining the leading rotogravure presses and printing technology, we can realize your artwork precisely of up to 10 colors.

    Besides, no matter glossy or matte surface finish, or a coating in between like glossy surface with matte dots, or partial matte, we can turn your ideas into reality productively.

special requests not a problem

100% Package Actualization

Right after the project plan gets in place, our manufacturing center will waste no time to start the precise and lean production completely in line with your requirements we agreed upon. And custom manufacture is closely followed by multiple tests and rigid quality control processes.

As one of the top flexible packaging manufacturers, Pursue is embracing the newest production technology including engineered laminating, flexographic and rotogravure printing, pouch prototyping and converting to 100% customize and actualize your packaging ideas.

special requests not a problem

Special Requests?
Not A Problem.

Got some special ideas of flexible packaging that are complicated to realize? They may be particular products, critical graphic designs, unique shapes, unusual sizes, individual thickness, specialized materials, or other demanding features. Only imagination and creation will be the limits for your project.

Our highly capable team of experienced engineers is going to find the best suited solution to work it out for you with their superior skills and knowledge.

Custom Solution to Achieve Your Flexible Packaging Cost-effectively!

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