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Environmental Packaging from Rigid to Flexible

Healthy economic sustainability is driving strategic switch from traditional solid packaging to contemporary flexible packaging. Flexible plastic packaging is comparably more sustainable as long as it is properly collected and disposed of.

The more and more positive environmental impact that flexible pouches and bags brought to the surroundings, and the footprint they helped to reduce for our communities, are the reasons we adhere to and develop this business.

Benefits of Flexible Packaging

  • Lighter Weight

    Lightweight and strong features help to save more transportation costs and resources, reduce wastes and emissions.
  • Higher Flexibility

    Much more flexible shapes, sizes, and printings means more convenience and less packaging consumption.
  • More ECO-friendly

    Environmental-friendly ink and hygienic materials allow for higher safety and way less harmful compound for any contents.

Sustainability throughout Supply Chain

  • worker checking incoming material reflecting precise vendor selection

    Precise Vendor Selection

    At Pursue, we are guided by the principle of sustainable quality from materials to the finished. Therefore, we implement a careful and serious selection of our upper suppliers all along. We make it our business to get to know all that we work with and assure our clients with consistent outstanding quality.
  • advanced laminiation machine reflecting lean production and technology

    Lean Production and Technology

    We believe that lean production and advanced technology are our access to a higher grade of sustainable development. Because lean manufacture means fewer resources consumption, less energy wastes, lower defect rate. Leading technology allows for higher efficiency, better productivity, faster turnaround.
  • employee studying improvement of flexible bags

    Attention to Employee Development

    Employee positive engagement is especially critical in supply chain productivity. With this awareness, we take emphasis on employees' development in an inclusive and respectful environment. And their health and prosperity are always our concerns. Proactive employees will better fulfill your requests continuously.

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